World War 2 Reenacting?

      WWII reenacting has been around since the late 70s but it remains a relative secret compared to other time periods such as US Civil War. If WWII is a period of history you're interested in and you're considering trying out the hobby, let us know. There are many types of groups out there focusing on different aspects of the impression - we'd be happy to help you find the right match. If you're looking for a motorized WWII German Heer (regular army) group that emphasizes authenticity, values Kameraderie, and that can pick from the best invitation-only events due to its excellent reputation, you may be interested in our group.

Membership Info

      Membership in our group requires a high level of dedication and commitment. Potential members should be at least 18 years old, team players, committed to historical accuracy, comfortable in an out-door environment, and in good physical condition since events are held in a variety of terrains and all weather conditions. Potential members should not be politically motivated in any way. There is a minimum three-event probationary period and annual dues are $25, which covers awards, food at certain events, the unit picnic, and other group related expenses.

WWII reenacting is an expensive hobby - you can expect to spend $1,200 - $2,000 for the equipment and uniform package pictured. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to contact us before you begin purchasing any items.


Required Equipment

    1     Helmet, model M35, M40 or M42, with no insignia

    2     Hat, model M43

    3     Tunic, model M40 or M36

    4     Service shirt, gray

    5     Trousers, keilhosen

    6     Suspenders

    7     Socks, gray wool (number of white rings indicate size)

    8     Boots, low quarters w/gaiters

    9     Y-straps

  10     ;Ammunition pouches

  11     Belt, black leather with Heer (army) buckle

  12     Canteen, felt covered model M31 with cup

  13     Bread bag

  14     Entrenching tool and leather carrier

  15     Gas mask canister & straps

  16     Bayonet and leather frog (carrier)

  17     Zeltbahn shelter quarter, poles, pegs & carrier

  18     A-frame carrier and bag

  19     Flashlight

  20     Erkennungsmarke (identity disk) & soldbuch

  21     Mess kit & strap, utensils, butterdish

  22     K98 Rifle, German wartime dated, with sling and sight hood (not pictured)

  23     Gloves (number of white rings indicate size)

  24     Toque

  25     Greatcoat, model M40 or M42

  26     Blanket, sheet set, and towel

Information and products for a better impression

"German for Reenactors" (click to order) is intended to help WW2 German reenactors learn and correctly pronounce vocabulary not found in traditional language courses. It starts with the basics - the alphabet and numbers and moves through more advanced subjects from equipment to tactical commands and conversation($10 including delivery in the cont. US). The accompanying .pdf file can be downloaded h e r e

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